Position: B2B Business Development SAAS & ENERGY

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I am looking for an expert in B2B Industry Sales

  • Leads B2B sales activities in Germany with major focus on Power Plants and Data Centers.

    • Responsible for all actions in sales and business development to identify, approach and win relevant clients.

    • Builds relations with potential customers via online meetings, phone calls and if applicable exhibitions.

    • Is sparring partner to the CEO to discuss market growth and options.

    • Will guide the international headquarters and holds presentations in front of the management board, key client executive levels and the team.

    • Actively reaching out to potential clients to win market share.


Wir wachsen

Schaffen Sie  NEUES 

Neue Lösungen

Wir wollen verändern


300 + Teilnehmer

The Company

  • 30 Person + Headquarters
  • Millions in Revenues
  • Top 3 Player in the Industry 
  • Location Berlin or Home-Office 
  • Permanent Contract  
  • 30 Days Holidays 
  • Trainings + Educational support.

The Deal

The Job makes sense if: 

You have a relevant network and experiences in the German Industry 

You feel comfortable in talking to a German Executive Board. 

You want to fight for climate change. 

You LOVE B2B Sales and Business Development 

The Aim: 

  • The German industry networks knows you within 6-12 month! 
  • We have new and high caliber leads.
  • You build trust and stand for professional services within the SAAS industry. 

We want to build the comany in Germany and need people who can support the CEO and the team with all it takes. So start-up mindset combined with senior experience in industries plus smart sales is what I am looking for. 

Let's talk.

 Your Value 

A 5 Star Service  

 Salary Overview 

People in the process get the real data in the market. 

 No Rejections

People who work with me will never get rejections. They will only get different offers.  


The CEOs and I do more than others, we go all in and that what we expect from you as well. 


Your profile is delivered directly to the C-Level. .

True Feedback

So nice to get a true answer, instead of a politically correct one. 

Dirk Ohlmeier, 15 Jahre Expertise in der Personalgewinnung, verfügt über ein umfangreiches Netzwerk zu Entscheidern, CEO's und "Machern", die den Status-quo verändern wollen.

Mein Versprechen; Ich liefere Ihnen 5 Sterne Angebote. 

Durch meine Engagements im Mitgliederausschuss der IHK Berlin  zum Thema Fachkräftegewinnung als auch dem Bundesverband für Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft (BWA) bin ich bestens vernetzt. Nutzen Sie das! 


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