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Not one Interview wasted

I offer the next stage in professional recruitment. Having analyzed the underlying issues and the purpose of recruitment, I identify the optimal candidates based on their level of expertise, compatibility, and level of dedication to the task at hand. Lastly, I prepare and guide the client through the interview process in order to choose the optimal candidate for the project.

The recruitment industry is going through significant changes in the 21st century. The most noticeable shift comes from the supply side. Professionals have more tools and more flexibility to choose whom they will sell their time to, which projects they find engaging, and what companies they want to work for.

In order to capture the best of what the market has to offer and win the optimal candidate, hiring agents need to adjust their offerings and hiring processes to fit the changing landscape.

Dirk Ohlmeier is positioned at the cross section of company needs and project requirements, and candidate aspirations and preferences.

Case Studies

“Für stark wachsende Technologieführer passende Mitarbeiter zu finden, ist eine Königsdisziplin, die Herr Ohlmeier mit Bravour gemeistert hat. Die intensive Einarbeitung, das persönliche Engagement und die passenden Ergebnisse haben mich überzeugt. Schönen Dank für die Unterstützung.”

Martin Krotki, Co-Founder appear2media | Augmented Reality Solutions

“Ein philanthropischer Ansatz, der aber sehr effizient ist und Ergebnisse liefert. Bleibt auch bei richtigen Herausforderungen authentisch, ansprechbar und erarbeitet Lösungen, die weiterhelfen. Schönen Dank für die Unterstützung.”

Anja Olsok, Geschäftsführerin Bitkom Servicegesellschaft GmbH

“Kreativ, ehrlich, ergebnisorientiert, vom Stil der Zusammenarbeit sehr nachhaltig und angenehm – ein Problemlöser, auf den man sich 100 Prozent verlassen kann. Schönen Dank für die Unterstützung und die erfolgreichen Besetzungen.”

Herr Jörg Mumm, Personalleiter Schindler


Why the Process will also Work for You

Most SME companies fail to reach market expectations because they still continue to hire people for jobs, whereas successful companies hire people for market challenges.

You don't need to tell me what you’re looking for. Instead, show me the problem your business is facing and I’ll solve it by placing the optimal candidate on your team.

I provide the optimal hiring solution. Instead of simply recruiting a candidate, I focus on identifying and understanding the underlying issues your company is facing, and solve them through strategically recruiting applicants that are eager to work on the specific project, and will provide the best value for the company.

The result:

  1. No interview is time wasted
  2. The recruitment process ends with both sides having their needs met
  3. A perfect match and synergy between the applicant, management, and staff.

The Numbers:

95% of presented CV's are invited for interviews

100% make the probationary period

80% are still there after 5 years

100% of the candidates are high performers 

Case Studies


Do you want to read more about Recruitment for Game-Changers?

Business is about winning and in my blog I will introduce articles about winning people, collect information to make your organization faster, and distribute tips for your growth. 
Von der Vision zur Wachstumsfinanzierung

Von der Vision zur Wachstumsfinanzierung

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This is my promise to you

Dirk will bring Game-CHANGERS to your team and help you meet market expectations. We’re confident that we can match your needs with the right candidate. We back this up with the guarantee that you will be refunded if the candidates/interviews are a waste of your time.

Our definition of success — quality recruitment that helps you solve the underlying issue and achieve your long term business goals.


Three steps to your best team:

Step 1 – Schedule a Call

In 15 minutes we will quickly identify what the situation is and if the perfect candidate will be a solution for you. 

Step 2 – Let us analyze the problem

Once we've discussed your situation on the phone, we start investigating your market challenge and in a personal meeting we better understand your organization and the perfect solution for you.

Step 3 – Decide which solution you like

Don't tell me - show me! This is my working attitude. When we agree on the problem and the solution then I am able to search for the right candidates. I will do the Job for you. The result:

Choose which candidate you like most and sign the contract.  

Step 1 –
Schedule a CALL


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