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About the master class

When you are applying for an open position, there is a high chance that 119 more people are doing the same at the same time. Yes, you got it right - on average, there are 120 candidates per corporate opening and only 6 of them receive an interview invitation. The only thing that decides if you fail or pass to the next stage is your CV which may seem to be perfect, but does it meet local requirements?

This is why we decided to design a product that will provide you the equal opportunities as local applicants. Thanks to the 15+ years of senior recruitment experience in Germany, we know what exactly happens in HR’s mind when selecting the right candidate and why so many get rejected.

This course is tailored to guide you through the selection process in German companies. Starting from how to research for relevant positions, design your CV according to the German standards, prepare for the final interview and salary negotiation - we will teach you how to Always Get The Job.


Most candidates are a perfect fit for many available positions, but they fail to navigate through an immense number of openings and communicate their added value to the decision-makers. Local culture in evaluating the candidates varies from country to country, and our goal is to empower you in the following:

Create Value 

Learn how to create and communicate your value to the future employer and sell your story, instead of just sending a generic CV


Find the openings which fit your profile perfectly and apply according to local rules and practices

Get the Job

Apply your master class learnings and get full support from our experts while in a selection process.

"Never sit down when they ask you to! You would do the first mistake."

Dirk, Expert in Recruiting
if you want it - you will get it!

How does the masterclass work?

The training takes place online. 

You will have unlimited access to the learning materials 24/7 and will be able to watch and read them anytime and from any place

Online chat with fellow students and the support team. 

Based on the chosen package, you will be added to a messenger group. There you will be able to ask all training-related questions and chat with the like-minded people

Video coaching.

Filmed real interviews and feedback discussions with the candidates will help you understand what to do exactly during different interview stages, how to smartly answer the tricky questions, and match the HR’s expectations.

Find your unique Value 

Before we start creating a great CV we start with your unique value proposition and this is not your skills - it's your story.

Reach out to more people 

Send CV's out is not the way you win today. You need to think in networks, and we show you how to build and use them efficient. 

the Master Class Alumni 

15 Years of experience in winning JOBS is more than a guide, it's a system to get a Job.


Positive Feedback


Interviews per year


Managers involved 


changed lives

Start Your Master Class

Start today and your chances to nail your application to local requirements will be 100% higher. Start to Get the Job! 

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Dirk Ohlmeier

CEO & Manager
I am a headhunter with 15+ years of experience in executive search in Germany and Europe. My clients are mainly CEOs and family-owned companies with 20 M. EUR in turnover. Around 80% of them want international candidates. Yet, every day I see how many international candidates fail to adapt to the German recruitment style and thus, cannot get hired. I designed this course to change this as I truly believe in equality, and I don't want to let you lose the game just because you do not know its rules.
HR Consulting 

Cristian Zamora

Video & MArketing

Why you can trust me:

I coach company owners and speak about modern, emotion-based recruitment strategies at international HR conferences.

I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin, the Education, Skills and Labor Market Committee. I am also a member of BWA Global Economic Network, responsible for development and assurance of high-skilled employees

I interview people every day and know exactly what to do to transform your experience and personality traits into a powerful success story.


Our mission is to make sure that people get an equal chance in getting Jobs, doesn't matter which nationality, background or gender they have! 

Ethos Human Recruitment GmbH 

Danckelmannstr. 10

14059 Berlin 

Impressions about the Classes

That's what people say

"Ich würde mich gerne beim VISION-Team bedanken. Diese Vorlage gab mir den Ruck loszulegen."
Michael Morio
Teach Lead
"Die Umsetzung meiner Idee fiel mir deutlich leichter mit VISION. Ich konnte mich aufs Wichtige konzentrieren!"
Julia Müller
"VISION ist wertvoll weil ich viel Zeit spare! Der Einstieg war sehr einfach."
Luis Smith

Q&A Why should I do it? 

Why should I buy this master class, when there are many free YouTube tutorials, HR podcasts and online articles about recruitment?

There are indeed many materials available, but neither of them provides the full understanding of local recruitment practices nor explains you what exactly you should do and when. This course is tailor-made to make you succeed in Germany. Thanks to our 15+ years of experience, we came up with the structure that guides you through all the steps you need to take to build a successful career. We don't waste your time on popular tips and tricks, we let you inside of the HR's head, use filmed interviews to explain all of the DOs and DON'Ts, and provide you with the online support

Get The JOB

Why: Get the job

Get the Job is a Masterclass to get you the Job you want


Danckelmannstr. 10
14059 Berlin


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