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B-2-B SPRINT / Marketplace

1) What is this project about?

The investor is a player in the computer vision market with 20 years of experience

The result of one, of his current  investments, is a unique B-2-B marketplace for buying and selling image analysis applications, components and algorithms.

The benefits for buyers (Industry clients, Solution-Sellers) are low price, interoperability and ease of use due to ready-made cloud services. The benefits of the marketplace for sellers (Developers & Product Creators) are:

To make sure this platform wins the market, the company needs an entrepreneurial CEO who can quickly onboard with its European management team: understand previous strategy, the status-quo and the market vision. This person should be an expert in marketplace platforms to create traction and get a 10 Mio. € funding round in 6-12 months.

2. Major roles and responsibilities

2.1 Strategy & Leadership:
  • Question the Status-quo: analyze and improve current market strategies.
  • Shape initial market activities to start gaining traction of the platform.
  • Identify most relevant use-cases and sources to attract a funding partner.
  • Prepare the budget and a five-year plan for the German part of the business.
  • Forecast the future growth of given markets, regions, and business segments. Plan and execute all necessary strategic changes to achieve the best results.
  • Take necessary action to grow the supply side of the marketplace. 

2.2 Execution & Operations:

  • Lead the Board and the team while being aware of their background
  • Manage day to day operations including HR.
  • Shape and re-define the USP to leverage current market opportunities and increase the overall understanding of the platform solution.
  • Bring the market know-how and business perspective to complement existing tech capabilities.
  • Prepare and set up an action-plan to get a funding of 10 M€.
  • Optimize the work of departments – bring balance between technology development and sales.
  • Transform the industry by building the successful team which will expand the business and maximize traction.

3. Skills and knowledge requirements:

  • Business developer mindset and experience to truly understand the mechanisms, strategies and execution needed to grow the platform-based businesses.

  • Excellent track record in building digital businesses in the marketplace environment is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills to lead the team in a tech-environment, impress investors and build trust with the management Board.
  • Strong analytical and process-driven personality who can push a unique tech-idea to even higher level.
  • Entrepreneurial risk taker who is ready to go all in if (s)he believes it is worth the fight. 

4. Core Questions to answer:

  • How can the company win the game in the existing environment with its USP and interface?

  • What use-cases should be focused on to show that this business is highly beneficial for customers?
  • How to convince investors within upcoming months that investing 10 Mio. EUR in this platform is worth it and will pay off?
  • What will be the company strategy in 12-36 months after obtaining the funding? Exit is not the preferred option.

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