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3: Action, arrange a call with Dirk and yes it's not Business Development only

What does the company do?

We are the project arm of an international technology corporate operating in Germany. The main goal of the positions and the company is to identify the right industries for green hydrogen, starting a conversation with decision makers about the energy demand of the production in the next 30-50 years and what kind of options the company does have to fulfill the demand. 

 AND present a better solution to them. 

We do not sell product, power plants or pipelines, we design, plan and work out the master plan for industry clients to truly use the next level of energy solutions. We have a range of internal technology and what is missing we will buy.

When the corporate signed the contract, the parent company will realize the project.

 AND present a better solution to them. 

Let's be hard and fair

This challenge needs someone with the following skill and mindset: 

You must have experience in dealing with industry clients and big "tickets" 10 Mio. EUR+

You must believe that Hydrogen can change the world, so passion, energy and enthusiasm

You should be able to build business from scratch, start-up-thinking

You should love to develop business cases with industry clients, we need to find our case.

You need to speak German on a professional level.

We offer positions in the field of Business Development as well in the technical EPC field
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