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We use proven techniques influenced by 15 years experience

“If you want to win great people - you have to offer more than a job.”

Today, no one needs a job in Germany so please don’t sell jobs. If we compare this with the real estate market, for example, I live in a house so you want to sell me a house. What arguments will make me listen? That it is a house? That it is great to live in a house? Or even better, that we are the best house building company with tradition. Maybe, because you want to live in one of our houses? No, you have to find other arguments!

It’s the same in the recruitment market. You are probably trying to catch a candidate with an argument which is not relevant to them. Excellence in recruitment is a process that challenges the market through authentic, pragmatic, and fast solutions. My team and I stopped selling job positions to candidates and started focusing on the one person who truly loves the challenge you are facing and is capable of solving your issue. 

Beispiele: Aus der Praxis für die Praxis

How do you win great people for the most important positions in your company? What tactics, strategy and approach does work in today's recruitment world? Find the answers and inspiration in a short video. 
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What is the difference between winning one person vs. 15 persons? What is important when you build a team? Find answers and inspiration. Feel free to talk about your challenge.
Talk To an Expert
Growth needs action. How does modern HR look like? What action is necessary to turn my company into a magnet for great people? How can I not only recruit people but get even better than my competitor in winning people? Watch, get inspired and do the necessary action.
Talk To an Expert

Coordinated communication throughout the process

"The most important thing in communication is listening to what isn’t being said.”

 Let’s be honest. We all want to be a superhero instead of a human who makes mistakes and has weaknesses. When do we know that the candidate we hunted is the right person?? It’s easy! Listen, focus, and hold a true discussion with the aim not only of finding out what someone is capable of, but determining if they truly want to help solve your challenge.

"Start with Why.” It’s more important to find great employees who are quick learners than waiting too long for the perfect solution to walk through the door. You want a solution which suits the market, suits your team, and suits your personality - Great! You are in the right place. As a certified Reiss motivation profile master I use tests to identify core motivation and build teams with a better fit. You need to have strong people in your key positions to cope with the market. Watch the video to see me in action.

Still indecisive?

Talk to me in a personal phone call and I give you my advice for your problem. We are passionate about what and our approach is truly one which is focusing the better solution.