Like an eagle I search for the better job for you

For each position you find, I can guarantee to know the relevant decision maker in the company. Most of my mandates start from 90.000 EUR+. The difference in the jobs you will find here is that these jobs are real challenges. This means, you have to be able to challenge the status quo, shaping the unknown, and move complete businesses from one direction to another.  These qualities are necessary in most positions where I will be asked to help the management team. 

Another difference is that values, personality, and drive do have a value for me. If you can do a job by only 60% but your personality and values are a great fit, we discuss the opportunity. You must be sure that hunting for complex challenges is more my favor than recruiting standard positions. 

Senior Manager NGO (m/w/d) Berlin

PCS 7 Visionäre (m/w/d) Teamaufbau Berlin

CFO, erneuerbare Energien (m/w/d) Stuttgart

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